HMS is committed to helping businesses succeed. That's why we have a passion to see organisations develop and mature to become more effective in the marketplace or in their sphere of influence. HMS offers following business development services.

Business Planning
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
HMS can help develop or fine tune your business plan to give your organisation vision and direction. HMS has had experience in facilitating business plans in organisations with up to 130 staff with $70 million budgets.
HMS can:
- Facilitate vision and mission statements writing, goal setting, strategy development.
- SWOT analysis.
- Presenting plans into a professional format.
- HMS can provide a range of skills to suit your requirements.


Process Improvement
HMS has extensive experience in facilitating process improvements within organisations. Most of the time, company staff have all the knowledge and ideas within them to solve any problem, they just need an environment in which to express them!
Improving the way you do business can:
- Reduce expenditure
- Improve productivity
- Increase profit
- Empower employees to take ownership of positive change