Hunter Management Solutions has already provided a quality service to the following organisations to help their businesses succeed.

Integration of a new Engineering Database for the Tactical Fighter Logistics Management Squadron, RAAF Base Williamtown NSW
HMS has managed a project to introduce a new Engineering Management System Database into the Tactical Fighter Logistics Management Squadron (TFLMSQN). A HMS engineer led a team of RAAF personnel in the design and implementation of the processes to smoothly integrate the new tool that must run parallel with the existing database during a transition period. The new RAAF database is a key tool in documenting the technical airworthiness of Australia's frontline fighter aircraft. The project involved all facets of project management i.e. Definition, planning and implementation. Some skills exercised by HMS were project team facilitation, process specification and flowcharting, procedure writing, database screen design and testing, coordination of resources, progress reporting and database user awareness training. The new database became operational at TFLMSQN in June 2000.

Projects for Tenix Defence Systems Business Development Services
HMS conducted a risk analysis for Tenix's RAAF Base Williamtown operation followed up by the development of risk treatment plans to minimise the impact of disasters. Software Documentation. HMS has written software documentation in accordance with MILSTD 498 to support RAAF software used in the processing of F/A-18 Hornet fatigue management data. This has required extensive reverse engineering to produce Software Design Descriptions from source code. F/A-18 Hornet Aircraft All Up Weight Investigation Tenix Defence Systems processes all the aircraft fatigue and lifing data at RAAF Base Williamtown for the F/A-18 Hornet Aircraft. HMS was tasked to investigate discrepancies in the calculation of the All Up Weight of the aircraft and recommend solutions to correct the errors. HMS completed this complex investigation, pinpointing critical problem areas and recommending solutions to correct all deficiencies.

Assistance in the Preparation of an Aircraft Modification Programme Tender for Hunter Aerospace Corporation
HMS provided key information to Hunter Aerospace to compile their management proposal as part of their tender for the installation of the Hornet Upgrade into the RAAF's F/A-18 Hornet Aircraft.

Engineering Audit of a Commercial Organisation for the Ground Telecommunications Equipment Logistics Management Squadron (GTELMSQN) GTELMSQN needed help to audit an organisation to assess their compliance to the RAAF airworthiness regulations. HMS was able to review past audit results, plan another audit and lead a RAAF team of auditors to conduct the audit. The report raised by HMS made it easy for GTELMSQN and the organisation to identify and correct areas of deficiencies.

Provision of a Trainer to Drake in Newcastle
HMS has provided Drake with a consistent quality service to facilitate customer service related courses in Drake's Newcastle training centre from 2000 until 2002.

Hornet Structural Refurbishment Program
Since November 2000, HMS has been providing project and engineering management assistance to the Tactical Fighter System Program Office (TFSPO) for the $250 million Hornet Structural Refurbishment Program under the Hornet Upgrade Project Phase 3.

The projects listed above provide you with a testimony to the service that Hunter Management Solutions can offer your organisation to help your business succeed.