Sam Hays - Managing Director and Engineering Consultant, BE (Aero) Hons 1, BA (Theo)

In 1997, Sam Hays completed 20 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force as an aeronautical engineer. He has extensive experience in the field of engineering and logistics management.

His other defence aerospace experience includes design and development work on Jindivik aircraft; managing repair and overhaul of F111, Chinook and Iroquois aircraft; managing the development of deeper maintenance repair capabilities for F/A-18 Hornet aircraft; and senior engineering officer of a frontline F/A-18 fighter squadron.

In a vastly different sphere, Sam has had four years Christian pastoral experience with one of the larger Christian churches in Newcastle. This has given Sam a unique and valuable blend of technical and people skills. Sam is technically creative as well as having a gift to teach and mentor other leaders. His passion is to see people rise up and reach their full potential as business leaders of integrity.


Jackie Hays - Human Resource Consultant, Certificate IV Training and Development

Jackie has over 6 years extensive experience in human resource services specialising in adult Training. Jackie has successfully developed and implemented competency based training programs within a major heavy industrial organisation in Newcastle. She also has experience in developing systems to improve processes. She has also assisted a leading Newcastle Recruitment firm with a major business review project for the Division of Surgery, John Hunter Hospital.

Prior to being involved in human resource development, Jackie worked in the medical and health profession in the United Kingdom as a qualified General Nurse and co-ordinated a major pre-employment health screening project for Toyota UK.

Jackie studied Workplace Training at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and has presented Human Resource courses for a major training organisation in Newcastle.

Jackie has excellent people skills and a vibrant personality making her a sought after Human Resource Consultant and Trainer in the Office Management, Customer Service and People Development areas.


DR Kevin He Ren - Engineering Consultant, PhD Engineering

Dr Ren has had extensive experience in the field of aircraft design in China. During the 1990's Kevin held several positions at the Xi'an Aircraft Design and Research Institute. Positions included the Assistant Engineer and Project Manager in the Quality Assurance Department. His responsibilities included Total Quality Control, the economic and technical demonstration on a reliability growth program of the JH7 Aircraft, JH7 Aircraft Flight Control and Hydraulic system design, landing gear design, and airborne equipment life extension and reliability testing.

Kevin's last position before immigrating to New Zealand and then Australia was Director of the Reliability and Airworthiness Department of Xi'an Aircraft Design and Research Institute. His responsibilities included auditing of Y7 aircraft safety, airworthiness management and audit of civil aircraft, building military aircraft reliability and quality database, and developing computer aid reliability engineering (CARE) software.

Dr Ren was also an Associate Professor for three years at the Aircraft Engineering Department of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China.

In Australia, Dr Ren has undertaken research at the University of Newcastle for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia. His major research has been on RAAF aging aircraft structural Reliability (Risk), Life Cycle Cost, and Logistics analysis.


Roy Spring - Senior Consultant, B.Sc. Eng. (Mech), MBL

Roy Spring has many years of experience in design, development, manufacture and maintenance of military equipment. This started with aircraft and helicopters and progressed through armoured vehicles and includes some involvement with naval systems.

Roy did engineering officer duties in the South African Air Force and then worked in aircraft manufacture and maintenance at Commonwealth Aircraft Corp. in Melbourne and at Atlas Aircraft Corp outside Johannesburg. For ten years he was General Manager in charge of Aircraft and Helicopter projects at the Armaments Corp in South Africa and then spent four years in France in a diplomatic post (Technical Counsellor).

Recently Roy has been engaged as a consultant in his own business in South Africa conducting studies into aspects as diverse as a light rail system for Johannesburg and a centralised Tourism IT systems for the 'new South Africa'.

The past four years, since moving to Australia, have been devoted to market development activities and quality management as well as projects including risk assessment and compliance and project management for internal projects and clients.

Since joining forces with HMS, Roy has participated in tender preparation and client support.